Ride a Dolphin

Ballantine’s is a range of blended scotch whiskies distilled by George Ballantine & Son Ltd in Dumbarton, Scotland since 1827. The brand has won many accolades and awards for its products. Ampersand Design Group was asked to create a campaign for Ballantine’s Finest— a complex, refined and elegant blended scotch whisky—that would skew to a younger hispanic demographic.

Dolphins don’t ever sit still—much less in mid air. The first step in achieving this action-packed image, was to select an appropriate stock image of two jumping dolphins.

Next, grey cylinders upon which models sat, were constructed and colored the same hue as the dolphins. This way, any cast shadows or reflected light on the model’s skin would easily blend with its destination environment. The models were situated so that the sun’s position matched that of the dolphin photo. Photographs of jet skiers were taken on location.