Home for Kwanzaa

ShopRite is a supermarket chain whose base stretches from the Baltimore metropolitan area in the Mid-Atlantic to the Hartford area in the northeast.

The Home for Kwanzaa magazine was created so ShopRite could connect with their African-American customers in an inspiring, educating and entertaining way; to show their support for diversity and cultural celebrations; and to enhance and maintain their positive brand image and favorability.

Like all consumer groups, African Americans want to feel a sense of understanding and care from their suppliers. Customers often make their purchasing decisions based on the amount of respect shown by companies for their needs and preferences.

The publication centered on the most important elements of the Kwanzaa holiday which are family togetherness and the celebration of tradition and heritage. The Kwanzaa holiday is an opportunity for ShopRite to connect, capture and maintain their African American customers through a program that will nurture ShopRite’s relationship with this target audience.

Client ShopRite Supermarkets
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