Construction Renderings

For over 40 years, DiVosta has been known for their solid construction, generous features and beautiful landscaping arranged around old-fashioned neighborhoods and town centers.

Considered among the finest builders of new homes in the U.S., this South Florida based company includes a production plant and building supplies division. But what sets DiVosta apart from other builders is their unique and efficient construction method.

Traditionally, builders use cinder blocks to construct exterior walls. DiVosta, however, uses metal forms placed by crane to create a mold into which concrete is poured and allowed to dry. Once the forms are removed, the exterior walls are complete with holes for doors and windows as well as trim and decorative details.

What would take weeks by using blocks, is completed in a matter of hours. Their crews then descends on the empty shell to install the roof, electric, plumbing, HVAC, interior walls, and final details.

These images illustrate DiVosta’s Built Solid construction process which is a key selling point.

Client DiVosta
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