Undergraduate Acceptance Package

Client: University of Miami

Chartered in 1925, the University of Miami is a fairly young university. Students flock to many of the business-related majors, nursing and its top-rated programs in law, medicine, music and marine biology. The university’s strength in the liberal arts and sciences earned the school a chapter of Phi Beta Kappa.

The University of Miami also gets high marks for the diversity of its student body, many coming from Central and South America and the Caribbean.

The University of Miami’s admissions department approached Ampersand Design Group with a unique problem. When a student is accepted to the university, he or she receives a letter stuffed in a manila envelope along with a plethora of visually unrelated photocopied tri-fold brochures from different offices: the admissions office, housing, financial aid, student health center, dining services, the athletic department, international student services and many more.

When a student received the daunting package, they felt more overwhelmed than excited to be accepted to such a prestigious institution. He or she did not know what to do next, or when.

An additional problem was that the acceptance letter addressed to one student would, at times, mistakenly be stuffed into an envelope that was addressed to another student, causing confusion and putting the university in an unfavorable and less-than-professional light.