It's a tropical paradise filled with beautiful people, breathtaking scenery and a creative way of life. It's also the North American home to some of the finest national and international companies. A gateway to Latin America, Miami is quite a melting pot, attracting not only an ever-growing Latin American population, but also a large number of Europeans and Canadians who consume - devour, actually - our products and services.

But what does this mean at Ampersand? And what could this possibly mean to you?

Well, for starters, it means that when you hire Ampersand as your marketing partner, you can rest assured that every sector of your market will be targeted effectively.

Or, we'll help you find sectors you didn't even know you wanted to reach. Women. Men. Latin Americans. African Americans. Children. Europeans. You name the target market, we have the resources to understand and effectively communicate to them. It also helps that Ampersand has the resources to communicate with these audiences in many languages, including English, Portuguese, French, Italian and Spanish.

Being in the cultural crossroad that is Miami, this of course means for us that we can work well into the night sustained by the mega-doses of caffeine found in Cuban cafecitos.